When the rubber no longer hits the road

You end up with this at GDT


Using a technique known as destructive distillation, Green Distillation Technologies is able to dispose of ELT waste, an environmental hazard into high demand valuable raw materials.


The GDT process creates semi-refined oil, this light oil is created from low temperature distillation. GDT uses this oil for fuel at the plant and it is also available to industrial markets for a low energy alternative fuel.


Needs to be separated from the carbon via a vibrating or rotating screen. Dependent on the customer it will then either go straight into a skip bin or will need to be baled to achieve a standard size and weight.

rCB Carbon

After rough separation from steel, passed under magnetic screen to remove small wires not removed by screen, the rCB carbon is available for ongoing processing to create a valued N660 carbon product.

GDT is able to process whole tyres, this makes delivers low CAPEX construction and low operating costs therefore no preproduction required. Plus the low temperatures in the GDT production, creates higher quality commodity outputs.