GDT has developed technology that converts tyres back into carbon, oil and steel, without producing emissions

A Time to Grow

Green Distillation Technologies is an unlisted Australian public company formed to solve the problem of dealing with billions of old tyres.

GDT has developed innovative technology that converts tyres back into carbon, oil and steel, without producing emissions.

Green Distillation Technologies Corporation Limited is a public unlisted company and as such welcomes investment, but there are regulatory restrictions.

Indeed, since the company started in 2009 during the start-up phase and pre-revenue, GDT has been financially sustained by investment from a band of loyal shareholders and Government Grants. The three foundation directors are all shareholders and to use a financial industry slang expression, ‘have skin in the game’.


To reinvent tyre recycling by transforming the scrap tyre into a valuable and sustainable resource.


To build profitable, sustainable, and global solutions for the collection, processing, and recycling of scrap tyres by developing and implementing innovative technologies and business processes.

At full capacity a commercial plant will be capable of processing 19,000 tonnes of tyres per year. 

The first Green Distillation Technologies processing plant is located 5 kms north of Warren in Western New South Wales, which is Northwest of Dubbo on the Oxley Highway, the main trunk route between Brisbane and Melbourne.

The plant occupies approximately 2 hectares of the 21-hectare site leaving space for expansion and other projects, synergistic industries and tyre storage within the limits imposed by the NSW Environment Protection Authority.