GDT is ready to expand operations

GDT is a serious investment option to be considered.

“This investment exemplifies how seriously we take
waste management in our sector, (It) is a responsible
move as an industry leader and a very exciting
investment opportunity.”

Former MTAQ Group CEO Brett Dale


Green Distillation Technologies Corporation Limited is a public unlisted company and as such welcomes investment, but there are regulatory restrictions.

Indeed, since the company started in 2009 during the start-up phase and pre-revenue, GDT has been financially sustained by investment from a band of loyal shareholders and Government Grants.

The three foundation directors are all shareholders and to use a financial industry slang expression, ‘have skin in the game’.

The regulatory restriction on a public unlisted company like GDT is that it can only accept direct investment from sophisticated investors.

If you require clarification on this please contact us, or your financial adviser.

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