Modular in design, construction of the first unit complete at Warren in New South Wales, Australia. Production from this module is 420kg per hour – equivalent to 44 passenger car tyres.

A completed plant consists of six modules each operating independently with maximum flexibility for performing scheduled maintenance. A six module design in full operation will dispose of over 19,367 tonnes of tyres every year.


GDT has it’s operating plant in Warren New South Wales.

ERP and DA approvals are in place for a future plant in
Toowoomba, Queensland.

Site locations are being confirmed for Victoria.

Rollout of Australian Plants

GDT has plans for 7 plants in Australia (including the existing plant at Warren in NSW) plus a possible 2 further

Key Factors in Selecting Sites

Warren Plant New South Wales

Proposed Toowoomba Site

A replica of the full plant containing 6 modules is ready for construction in Toowoomba with EPA and DA approvals in place.