OUR Solution

GDT - Destructive Distillation

A Better Option

The task was hard and long but worthy of the time and investment, so the GDT founding group started and completed the journey. From invention to testing then approval and now commercial viability.

The window is now open for those that care about the problem and want to be part of this exciting expansion journey.

Circular economy in action

Sophisticated technology and industrial processes delivers a negative carbon footprint and no harmful emissions, GDTC fits perfectly into the ‘Circular Economy
Current customers deliver tyres for responsible disposal. No shortage of future customers to meet our projected disposal of 650,000 tyres annually from each plant
Modules process the tyres 24/7 – A sequence of loading double tube modules, distillation, offtake collection and tyre loading preparation runs down the plant, creating continuous flow of productivity with low labour.

A Legacy Worth Remembering

The ‘Destructive Distillation’ process was developed by an Australian, Denis Randall PhD, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) who obtained degrees in Metallurgy, Mathematics, Chemistry and a doctorate in the Bio- degradation of Subsurface Phenols. Denis worked in the Petro Chemical industry across S.E. Asia for over 35 years with the development of this process occurring in Indonesia over a 15 year period.

GDT’s technology has been diligently recorded and stored for the posterity of the business, this became the lasting legacy from Denis, who passed away in 2022.