In the Business of Shrinking
End of Life Tyres

GDT has developed technology that converts tyres back into carbon, oil and steel, without producing emissions.

Currently Operating in New South Wales.
Expanding to Queensland, then to other States in Australia.
Exploring International Partnerships.

1 BILLION TYRES reach their end of life each year, around the world

and 26 MILLION OLD TYRES are disposed of annually in Australia alone

Zero Emission Destructive Distillation Technologies

Technology that has been locally developed, refined, approved and is fully operational and recognised for its efficiency with an award from the Edison Foundation.

The GDT Way - Cleanly Transforming End of Life Tyres into Useful Resources.

When The Rubber No Longer Hits The Road!

The GDT – Warren Plant in NSW is receiving tyres for recycling which are processed to produce high value oil, steel and carbon for sale. GDT takes end-of-life tires (ELT) destined for landfills, or worse, and give the raw materials new life. We are an active part of the local, national and international solution to this industrial challenge. GDT is now expanding operations to be of greater value to the supply chain as well as delivering on local, state and federal Government tyre waste strategies.

Resources Recovered by a Single GDT Plant per Year

Oil (33%)

6,369 t

CARBON (47%)

9,071 t

STEEL (20%)

3,860 t

One GDT tyre recycling plant can process about 685,000 tyres per year (assuming an average mix of car and truck tyres). This equates to approximately 19,000 tons of recycled car tyres, recycled into oil (33%), carbon (47%) and steel (20%).

GDT’s distillation technology recycles tyres into valuable raw materials

Old Useless Tyres

End-of-life (ELT) car and truck tyres can be a precious resource instead of an environmental threat. GDT effectively and profitably recycles ELT tyres.

The GDT Recycling Process

Using a technique known as destructive distillation, GDT turns a wasted resource and environmental hazard into high-demand valuable raw materials.

Valuable Raw Materials

The process recycles ELT tyres into useable quantities of carbon, industrial oil and steel – materials that were used in the original tyre manufacturing process and are present in every synthetic rubber tyre.

GDT Services

ELT Handling

GDT has competitive tyre disposal rates for commercial clients – GDT uses a technique known as destructive distillation to turn this wasted resource and an environmental hazard into high demand valuable raw materials.

Industrial Oil

The GDT process creates semi-refined oil, this light oil is created from low temperature distillation. GDT uses this oil for fuel at the plant and is also available to the market for a variety of applications – To find out more, contact us 


With a low heat treatment applied during the GDT process, the metal that is sorted after coming off the conveyor belt is ready for steel scrap metal buyers. Like other steel recycling this represents a saving in energy and the environment compared to the production of virgin iron ore.

Carbon Black

Most widely used industrial chemical in the world. Recovered carbon black (rCB) is sought after worldwide for industrial applications.

Walking The Sustainability and Circular Economy Talk

End-of-life car and truck tyres have been a blight on the environment ever since they were invented over a century ago.

Grinding up old tyres to make crumbs or flakes is not an effective means of recycling tyres as the rubber has not been changed and there is a limit to how much of this material can be used for kindergarten playgrounds and soccer fields. Using it as a furnace fuel in Asia creates noxious greenhouse gases and damaging emissions.

As well as the environmental problems caused by dumps of old tyres or illegally discarding them in bushland and waterways, after rain these tyress become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and a source of dangerous diseases such as Dengue Fever and Ross River Fever.

The task was hard and long but worthy of the time and investment, so the GDT founding group started and completed the journey. From invention to testing then approval and now commercial viability.

Invitations are now open for those that care about the problem and want to be part of the part of this exciting expansion journey.

Our Work So Far...

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Walk the sustainability and circular economy talk.

Green Distillation Technologies has achieved an Australian world breakthrough with its end-of-life tyre recycling technology. We want to help shrink the global problem of ELT tyre-related pollution. We can make a sustainable circular economy for the rubber tyre industry a reality.